About SaJaLA

“SaJaLA is a institute, which can be offer you Jobs regarding to Japanese by our reference in various japanese companies around the world and give them proper training so that we can place them in a business where they will fit best and succeed.”

Our Mission

Our vision is to provide best japanese training to our students for them to generate employment opportunities in various companies. Our main aim is to deliver highly quality japanese training and make Japanese language for their life growth. We are providing private one-to-one lessons using web cams and headsets on Skype. It is a totally new style of learning Japanese language.

In an increasingly interconnected world, the Japan Language and Cultures educates students to become communicatively competent and informed global citizens with proficiency in language and critical insights into world cultures.

Global Presence

Be unique when you are in competition. You will have the plenty of job Opportunities in India and Abroad. Knowing Japanese brings business opportunities. Japanese Language study can build a strong foundation for graduate work in a range of fields. Learning Japanese allows you to see the world in a different way. There are 582 Japanese companies in Tamil Nadu.